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Buying or selling a property is likely the largest and most important transaction you’ll ever make. That’s why so many families trust Sunny City Real Estate. Sunny City Real Estate has been one of the leading real estate organizations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. By providing the best training, administrative and marketing support, our agents are free to focus on what they do best: sell real estate.

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Sunny City Real Estate is founded by Dr Garry Zhou Phd in Economics. We serve you and your family with financial growth of your wealth in mind.

Our experienced and knowledgeable agents are the reason Sunny City Real Estate is consistently exceeding all expectations of our clients. We provide our agents with exclusive tools and training to ensure they have the skills they need to effectively guide you through the real estate process. We are determined to remain as the most productive agent in the real estate industry.

Tech Savvy

Sunny City Real Estate has always been a leader in the real estate industry, adopting the latest technology and creating innovative marketing programs. Sunny City Real Estate is one of the first brands to expand its reach to the global market through a revolutionary global listing site. With listings displayed in both English and Chinese, Sunny City’s clients benefit from the extra exposure in Chinese Market. Sunny City agents have the opportunity to post listings internationally, making international transactions easier than ever.

About Dr.Garry Zhou

CEO & Managing Director of Sunny City.

Garry Zhou


Dr.Garry Zhou

Founder CEO & Director

Monash and PhD in Economics from Peking University

Intensive experiences in the real estate industry. Real Estate is still the best investment you can make today. Buying is smarter than renting and the right investment will continue to appreciate. Sunny City Real Estate provides clients with professional  and reliable real estate investment services.


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Living and moving to Australia can be a life changing experience. It is a nation that boasts beautiful countryside that is interspersed by modern cities. Australia has a good reputation for being welcoming to migrants, a strong economy, a modern lifestyle, many well paid jobs, and a high standard of living. Australia is frequently featured as one of the best countries in the world to live. Melbourne in Victoria is well-known for its fresh air, unspoilt nature, multicultural society, low population density, its climate, laid back lifestyle and its job opportunities. Melbourne has been named as the world’s most liveable city for seven years in a row. Contact Sunny City if you decide to move to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

To begin your search for housing in Australia, you must first determine what type of housing is best for you. Also check if you can buy a house or an apartment, or if the rental is more suited to your profile. Whatever you chose as a foreigner, chose a real estate agent to assist you in this. If it is for the language barrier, always remember, a local real estate agent knows his or her city much better than you do. And in the end it will save you time and money. It is quite Community Consciousnesseasy to find a house in Australia. Housing is available at all times in most Australian cities. Landlords have the right to ask you for proof of employment or to carry out a credit check. However, you will always find understanding landlords who are accustomed to renting to foreigners. Here at, we are happy to assist you upon your arrival to Australia.

Your home is one of the biggest investments of your life. When you’re ready to buy or sell, choose wisely—choose Sunny City

Chinese property buyers have been dominating Australian Property Market for many years with no exception for the Real Estate Melbourne Market.

The “Chinese Market” mentioned in most researches are Chinese who are residents of China. The actual Chinese culture influenced market is much larger. It includes everyone who speaks Chinese or has immediate family who speaks Chinese. They can be citizens or residents of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore etc.

Consumer behaviour has always been an interesting topic to all marketers. To be able to understand this wider range of Chinese Market better, you need to understand how Chinese cultures are towards saving for property. Chinese families save generations for property investment ( family well-being). Chinese believe property is the foundation of their family happiness and success. They also believe a single man who owns a property has an advantage over a single man who doesn’t own a property. Properties in major cities of China (ie Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou) are also way more expensive compared to Properties in Melbourne. Property Buyers with around 4 million AUD budget can only buy a small 3 bedroom apartment with a good public school zone in those cities. Most of them don’t have a linkedin, Facebook or whatsapp account or are not an active user of them. Most of them are active members within Chinese community activities. They value connections (Guanxi) more than anything. The wider Chinese Market is a market you don’t want to miss. 

Sunny City Real Estate is one of the most well-known Real Estate Melbourne Agencies among Chinese Community in Melbourne. Working with us means you’ve got your wider Chinese Market covered. Let us open the opportunity to the wider Chinese community for you.

We are – :

  • Melbourne based professional team in real estate industry
  • Understanding Chinese Culture
  • An active ambassador in Chinese Community in Melbourne
  • Strong connections(Guanxi) among Chinese community both inside and outside of Australia.

We are determined to help businesses of all sizes. Contact Us for more information.

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